Who We Are:


ManMar  Entertainment was started by Mandi Miranda in 2001 when she saw at an  early age that brands achieve optimal success when they are able to  creatively and authentically embed themselves with-in their target  consumers DNA; thus creating experiences and memories that make them  more than just brands but an integral part of their consumer’s  lifestyle. 

Over the years, Mandi has been bringing her expertise to clients to build and execute such experiences and brand engagements. At  ManMar Entertainment, we work hard to stay ahead of emerging trends.  And, with over 15 years of experience within the wine and spirits and  entertainment industries we have achieved a keen understanding of  consumers’ lifestyles and cultural trends and leverage this knowledge in  the creation of strategies that have been proven to drive our clients  business. Mandi makes it a top priority to become an  extension of our clients within the market place, execute flawlessly and  build a conversation between each brand and their desired consumer.